My Keto - Eating Fat vs. Mom! Can I Please Have Some Celery?

I can't eat animal body fat; I can't chew it and I can't swallow it.  Lean meat which was raised in a loving family and ethically butchered is one of my favorite foods.  Even so, my spare tire has stuck with me and doesn't want to budge. So here's the science and my experience on the Keto Diet.

Will Little did a great job explaining the science in the post linked here.  My short version is that I am doing this to reset my body's metabolism so that it will burn the fat it's been storing for years. And it's working.

But let me back up a bit: I've been chronically ill for a very long time. I had an MRSA infection in my sinuses, all of them, even the sphenoids, for many years. Also I lived for over a decade in a house with black mold. Two years ago I thought I was dying, and I probably was. With a great ENT, some pretty dramatic sinus remedies, and complete relocation (including getting rid of the roommate I'd married) I'm on my way to being a healthy person.  Once the long-term infection was under control, I lost ten pounds by doing nothing more than removing a source of inflammation.

If you can't lose weight by eating skinny food,  consider your environment and other health factors. Counting numbers on a scale will stress you out - focus on your actual health, and the numbers will often follow.

My normal diet, by my choice, is pretty fat-free. I love bread, but it makes me bloated, achy, and lethargic, so I largely cut that from my diet also.  There was no change in my weight - zero. My body had developed a working system with itself.  This is why I am on a ketogenic diet. I can feel the results beyond looking at numbers. My body is getting on board with finding carbs in its storage compartments and doesn't feel the need to save fat, because I eat it daily. I have a great friend (and a not-so-great friend, Bino) who are doing the same and we support each other.

Keto diet can't go on forever, and I will go back to a healthy, balanced, low-bread (sob) diet. As I get healthier I can exercise more. I am excited about all of this. I'm so tired of eating fat - it's more difficult than it sounds.

In the meantime, though, I just want some veggies. I promise I'll sauté them in butter, Mom.