Mental Health is Actually Not Funny. Discount on purchases with code ZSPRINGDEALS

Therapy Session Magnet - Mental Health Advocate

Validate yourself. No lie - I give you permission.

Truth be told, every human can benefit from good therapy but our current American medical system doesn't really advocate for therapy as it should.  Instead, we have random acts of violence, depression, suicide, broken families and high health insurance premiums.

Maybe if we can make the topic lighter, more palatable, with some potato chips on the side - hey, a pickle with that? - we can communicate as human beings and validate therapy as an's a start.

Start with yourself. Open yourself to yourself, and encourage others to do the same with themselves. Start at One. We can connect later when we're feeling comfortable in our own psyches. 

Advocate for mental health. Buy the magnet, or the coffee mug or the other coffee mug, ON SALE NOW! with code ZSPRINGDEALS).

If you read this far, give credit to Rob Coapman for the concept. Buy a mug, and I will put .20 toward his bill.


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