ELIZA vs. Internet I-Ching

My biweekly book club is meeting Saturday.  I'm hoping as I read the text I'll magically find references to quantum entanglement because the book seems to work like that - art and science all over the place. I like the book because my brain works like that. I've been researching quantum entanglement while I study interpersonal relationships. Yeah.

ELIZA, the TherapistBot, has come up in group discussion before.  ELIZA first hit the scene in the '60s, courtesy of Joseph Weizenbaum, but is still learning today according to this website. Somewhere in my volume of GEB I have written in the margin "Look up ELIZA."  Today I happen to be reading at home, so I hied me to the computer and looked her up.  Here is an excerpt of our conversation: 

ELIZA's boring. She's possibly more boring than a human Rogerian therapist, which would be her greatest accomplishment. There really isn't any need for me to elaborate on these feelings, I promise.

On the same page of interwebz I found the Online I-Ching. You know I had to go there.  Here's what it told me:

Your consultation resulted in the following hexagram:

changing to

17 42

17. Following

Line 4:

Following has captured one.
Persisting brings misfortune.
There is confidence in the path because of its clarity
How is that a mistake?
Through following someone else, one has gotten trapped. Things will not go well if one persists in following. This path one is following seems so clear, so it may be hard to see what is wrong with it. It is good to examine this.

Line 6:

Seize and bind it,
then follow and hold fast to it.
The king brings offerings on Western Mountain.
It is very difficult to get and then keep something, so one needs to put quite a lot of effort into that. Part of the difficulty is being dependent on unwilling others. It is doable, though.

Hexagram is changing to:

42. Benefiting

It is beneficial to have a goal to move to.
It is beneficial to cross the big river.
Benefiting from the situation. It's a good idea to have a plan for undertaking something, to make good use of the opportunity.

Cross the Big River, you say. Nailed it, Internet I-Ching :)   Bye, ELIZA. 

Further Reading:
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  1. :-) I think I need to check with I-Ching. And maybe, Eliza. I like ineffective therapy.

  2. :-) My number is 28. And its answers were appropriate, but will not be followed.

  3. I must be strong like a tree.

  4. I don't quite understand everything going on here lol but I read it! :D


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