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What is Love? One Rule You Should Know

This year has been all about trying to be OK with the other person not hearing my thoughts about our falling outs - Blue She's right, so right. The year before was all about me learning to speak my mind, giving my words to the other party, gifting them the choice of how to handle my message. Relationships fall apart because of words not said, so goes the saw. People pass away leave us die, so you're supposed to tell them things they might have wanted to know. Only they don't, do they? They don't want to know. And that is the choice meant to be offered in the traditional wisdom. If you love somebody, tell them. Only don't, because they aren't prepared to accept the sentiment without having an approved box in which to store it. They aren't ready to let it wander free. Trust  means I must give you permission   t o say  no . So I've receded. Again. I dislike this very much. Tell people you love them in the same way you point out that it&