~ ART PRINTS ~ Work here is registered with the US Copyright Office.

I'm in the process of reconfiguring the automated process for purchasing prints. In the meantime, send me an email and let me know what you'd like: deb at debnation dot com.

The Man and Nature Series was designed under the influence of Poet landscaper Peter Kidd.
Edison's Sparrows

Faults Shifted

Chernobyl Fireflies

White Skunk with Poet

The Raven's Office series was designed for a book of original poetry by debora Ewing of the same title.

Acid Rain

Corvid Crossing

Crow in Bat Country

The typists

Scratchboard Designs:
A Couple of Guys at the Bar, Eating Mussels

Alia's Bat Moon


Sagittarians - Featured on the cover of Emergent Magick

Built With Brittle Styx
The Lovers - new in 2021

Pen and Ink Designs 

Deconstructed Corvid 1 - Fibonacci

Full Color Prints
The Zorya

La Princesa en Sol y Dolor


La Mandolina

Comet 46P/Wirtanen


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