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*POETRY WARNING* Measuring Stick (Haiku by intervallic augmentation 5/7)

trees show wisdom
in the bends, branches, fractures
they do not discard.

that which falls in the forest
is susceptible to transformation
- a free for all, up for grabs -

a mere piece of wood retrieved by a boy
is whittled by a pocket-knife lent by his grandfather
and reborn into a measuring stick.

*inspired by Peter Kidd, my best guru

The Girl in the Polaroid vs. White Privilege

Someone from the periphery of one of my past lives gave me this picture. I have a fleeting recollection of the moment – I think my brain was rather empty, or unable to process what I was supposed to be feeling. Here I was, dressed for Graduation from Middle School. I like how the picture is a little bit creepy. 
We were living in a Deep East Texas trailer park. Each trailer was situated on at least one acre of land. Ours was a three-bedroom: parents and new baby Michael in the master, a room for four boys, and a room for the four girls.  My dad built bunk beds – two sets for each bedroom. There was a connecting bath, like the Brady Bunch. All the wars you can imagine happened there.  The eldest son lived in the camper out back.
In this picture, I’m wearing the graduation dress that was made for me. One of the school counselors had approached my parents about the pending ceremony and asked whether she could arrange an outfit for me.  She took me to the mall, and we shopped sewing patt…

Friendship vs. Dying: Excerpt from my upcoming book on Surviving Someone Else's Cancer


Feels vs. Cycles - Closed Double Helix Model


*POETRY WARNING* divination

the truth of the matter

a woman knows
knows before she knows
hence the fearsome sense

the truth of the matter

i would
were it not for matters
of logic and exposition

be able to answer more clearly
the question.

Yes We Did vs. Make America Great Again (Systemic Narcissism is a Thing)

I'm nostalgic today. Remember that moment when Yes We Can turned into Yes We Did?  We did that.

We elected the first-ever Partly Brown Man to head the United States of America. Our history evolved from systemic oppression to actualization of The American Dream, and then we let it roll back. 
I was accused, by friends who self-identify as pro-equality freethinkers, of being racially motivated to vote for Obama. I'll cop to that. I never expected him to be a Magical Politician. I voted for the only Brown Person Non-Good-Ol-Boy to get to the Superbowl in my lifetime, because I could. Because I was sick of the White Patriarchy holding all of us down; not just brown people, all of us. Systemic narcissism hurt me, too, and it still does. 
We overcame. And then we stayed home, and the White Patriarchy stood up.
No, this also affects you. 
Moneypenny is not just a secretary. She is a bright, forward-thinking young person; she is the future of America. She helps me try to unravel the …

One Origami, One Wish - Be Your Best Parent

Meg and I were leaving our favorite Turkish Restaurant, Meze, when we saw a woman wearing a hat that erupted in black feathers. She was on the sidewalk, handing out Origami Cranes from a basket. Of course I wanted one. Here's the wish attached to it:

"tend to your pain like a mother cradles her baby, put aside what you're doing and take care of it. act of holding brings relief, even when you don't know what's causing the pain. art of power 844 you are held and supported by the entire universe."
I thought about this, and decided to do it.

I go though life assuring myself that I have conquered any issues I may have, because I know how I should feel about them and I reasonably sincerely do. However, there is still pain, and probably I have been ignoring it for so long it feels normal. 
You know this one, don't you?

We're brought up - many of us are - to suck it up, "keep a stiff upper lip". Nobody's got it easier; just stifle it and do your…

Finding Your Restore Point

I have lived in a lot of the United States.  In fact, it wasn't until this decade that I learned how to go on vacation and come home again, instead of just moving to the place I wanted to see. I can apparently blame this on my Scots-Irish heritage. 

I once planned a vacation to visit cities on I-10: Houston, New Orleans, Mobile. I'd lived in these cities during my youthful wanderings and I wanted to show my husband some of my history. I also wanted to see them again as a tourist who could afford the nice restaurants, instead of a single mom who could barely pay the bills.

The trip was successful in the latter regard, and in the end I felt awesome. I was able to figure out which of my feelings were based on my experience in that city, which were based on friends who may or may not still be there, and which were for the city itself.

I still go back to NO whenever I can - it's a Restore Point for the culture that is important to me: art, music, banging cuisine. Rich multiple…