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At Ian's Place - Part XV, in which Phil Goes Over Some Things

Right. Phil wants to go over some things. 86 the shower and decompression time. I slumped onto a corner of the big wooden coffee table, poking at the rug with my sneaker, octopus on my mind. Phil had his mando out already, leaning against one arm of the love seat, plinking. "Libby, I get the feeling you're not a person who likes surprises." That made me look up.  "Not bad, Phil." He is the perfect accompanist, after all. Plink, plunk - he was accompanying himself. I turned my attention back to the carpet...or the thing under it. "I don't figure Ian's given you any logistics." Phil laughed wryly. "So you got any questions, you can ask me." "Dude, I haven't had time to formulate questions yet." Hell with it -- Ian did say I should show Phil. I stood up. "Here. Lemme show you what I did." I pushed the coffee table up against the love seat, dragging the rug along with it. Phil's attention latched onto a tentac