If you miss me... Twitch vs. Live Guitar in my Studio

Good News: One of the side-effects of social distancing is that we're learning internet savvy (hashtag amirite?) It's good for us old dogs to learn new tricks. Thanks to the DanFam™ I'm now visiting Twitch several times a week...    

You: But that's a gamer thing...

Me: Oh, but that's not all! Last night I watched @glassMoonman blow glass pipes...

I've been watching Dan Navarro live-stream from his living room on Saturdays. In an effort to convince myself that this is a gamer thing, I also found @Lauzeta Folk and visit them a few times a week for Garrotíns.  I also regularly leave @GuitarShreda practicing while I work - Twitch is a place where a lot of classical guitarists stream their practice. And then there's @JonComposer, who doesn't sing but composes live with his interactive audience. Right now I'm hanging out with @ThirdFretCapo and it seems to be a holiday - everyone's gifting subscriptions to each other. I finally got what I wanted - a guitar player working over there >>> while I work over here, and whom I don't have to feed.


Bad News: There's been a mishap. In a platform upgrade somewhere, my blog feeds were assigned to a former collaborator's business account. Because Grandma Can't Internet™, I found the best way to resolve the issue was to delete Feedburner feeds associated with this blog. Grandma also didn't save the list of subscribers before doing so.

The socially-conditioned me says a lot of people won't even notice. The uninformed me wonders if I should just take this moment to push Patreon. Informed Me says SHUT THE HELL UP, Y'ALL...we're still figuring this out. 

Maybe this sounds like you, too?

We're gonna figure out all of it. Keep going. 

Further reading: 

Twitch for Musicians - Karen Allen - To be clear, Karen doesn't work for Twitch and they haven't paid her to write this book. She has the same goal I do: I just want us all to win. All creators can benefit from this platform. I want to launch a live reading channel for myself and fellow poets, as soon as I clean off just another little corner off this plate...


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