Quick Update: Impossible Burger Again

Since my first encounter, I've found myself thinking about Impossible Burger, which means I needed to try it again. I bought the chunk form, with the intention of making Shepherd's Pie.

Usually when I buy a pound of beef, I fry it up and eat it just like that, sometimes with cheese & pickles, sometimes in a taco. Impossible burger is crumbling up correctly. My taste buds and my body inform me: This is not beef.  But they aren't complaining. It's not like the protest I feel when someone serves Imitation Crab Meat (which is fine if you want to tell me it's Scrod, because that's a decent fish.) 

Shepherd's Pie may or may not happen; in the meantime, tacos are never wrong. These tacos gringos are great!

Don't fear the Impossible Burger. Try it for yourself.

Further Reading:

Impossible Burger  Find out what's in it and how it's made.

Dr. Richard A. Williams, Food Renegade  Richard is retired from the FDA but he continues to fight for us and for good food. This is the guy who asked me to try Impossible Burger, and I'm glad he did. We'll be talking about it tomorrow.

Why the Vegan Diet Isn't Always Green - BBC When you're making dietary changes, check with your body first and last. Everything doesn't work the same for all people. This BBC article provides insight on how vegetable purchase affect the ecosystem. 


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