Judg(e)ment Calls and Wild Pollinators

I received an email invitation to Zoom with a new client just as I was about to mow the lawn. Instead of responding, I went on outside. She might not be thrilled to know that I chose yard work over speaking with her. But she does know that mowing is something I do to offset rent, and more importantly for catharsis. Mowing allows my brain some creative free roaming. I write blog posts while the catbirds give me dirty looks. 

With deference to our bee friends, I mow around wildflowers, but not all of them. I have to gauge effort vs. expediency – how many extra steps will preserve how many blossoms for how many bees? When I make these decisions, I strive for balance. I’m lousy as a capitalist, because I keep shucking something to the little guy. That bee isn’t giving me any honey; I just want us all to win. 

Bigger entities than myself make similar decisions every day: 

Choosing where to draw state lines or voting districts
Choosing whom to feed
Choosing whom to vaccinate

I know what’s involved with mowing the lawn, including the variables of what to mow over and what to sidestep. I don’t know the parameters of the zoom call with the new client, how much we might digress in conversation or whether she wants to see me in my yard work getup. I sidestep the n and go count Ranunculus heads to lop.

We prefer to choose the known, even if we dislike it, over the unknown. And this is interesting, because all personal growth is out in the weeds. With the wildflowers. Think about it - what are you pollinating?

I came back in the house to find a new message from the client I'd not answered: She'd signed our updated contract and is excited to be working with me. I’m looking forward to working with her, too.

About the Photo:  I took this picture on my patio. I love how basil blossoms are hairy. 

Further Reading: 

Senior Officials Sound Alarm Over Food Insecurity...United Nations  There are a lot of neighborhoods in the world, and some are not as stable as yours. Regardless of who's to blame, decisions will be made.

Why Add a Vaccine Metric...The Sacramento Bee  I'm not sure how official the decision was, but Famous People were in one of the top tiers to get COVID-vaccinated in Los Angeles County. My favorite celebrity wasn't famous *enough*. I'm trying to work on that for the next pandemic. 

Buttercups, or Ranunculus, are among the "weeds" that have intrinsic and aesthetic value in our lawns. Just because something doesn't affect you directly doesn't mean it's without value in a grander scheme. Try a few different varieties of honey and see how much you care - I highly recommend Chicory Honey if it's native to your area.

Ambiguity Effect - The Decision Lab  Here's the science on why we prefer the evil we know to the potential reward we don't. 

Fighting Gerrymandering in the States - Indivisible  It would behoove  you to find out precisely how your government may be working against you. Not trying to tell you what to do; just saying.

Why Statehood for DC - statehoodfordc.gov  There are a lot of people living in the District, whose families have lived in the District for generations, who care. They deserve equal voice in how their federal taxes are allocated.


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