Big Texas Road Trip Part the Fourth - Palo Duro

Palo Duro Canyon is the second biggest in the United States after the Grand, and yet I didn't know about it until I went to visit my friends at the Academy of Advanced Imagery in Canyon, Texas.

"Yes, there is a canyon," I kept telling everybody, because I'd Googled. And then we went there.

I'd almost not brought my camera on this trip, because I knew Maz had hers and she's a talented photographer. We have different perspectives, though, so it's a good thing I did. We often took different trails; also, she's got the better telephoto lens. There were times I bade her take the long-distance shots I knew would fail with my camera.

This cute yellow flower tried to kill me. I really wanted that shot, so I crouched low and finally lay prone to find my angle, and then I realised how close I was to the edge of the cliff. It was at least twelve feet away, but I was frozen in terror. You see, when I was a teenager my friends thought it was funny to throw me in the lake up to seven times a day. Thanks, Russ.

I carefully capped and bagged my camera, rolled over onto my backside, and crabwalked slowly upward until I was at least eighteen feet from the edge, hoping Mazzy was taking selfies and paying no attention to me. I am pleased with the picture.

I was enamoured with the desert jungle - foamy waves of cacti and grass, desert willow tendrils hanging like mangrove roots. I liked the cactus bones, too, and hard clay footprints. I found little tufts of fur tucked in the grass along the path; I picked some up and put it in my medicine bag.

I found Maz around the event cabin, and found also that she had an enormous bug on her back.

"Don't move...just a second...just don't. Move."  Once I had my shot, I flicked it off her. She kept her cool and didn't scream until she saw it cursing us from a rock (that picture you can see in the link below.) She claims I'm a terrible person. This is not news.

I'm a forest-for-the-trees gal. And rocks. And the blades of grass, and the little tiny things that creep therein. Please click the links below and see for yourself.


  1. THAT's the canyon I remember from 41 years ago. Hsn't changed a bit! That bug was different. Fine looking bug!


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