It's Still Not About The Doughnut - the Snowball Effect of Self-Help Books

Eventually this is a painting. 
My co-worker just showed me a Satanic Vegan Cookbook he found for sale online (not sure it's actually Satanic, but that's an interesting concept.) Instantly my mind went to an horrific thread from a year ago on Facebook - it all started with a doughnut carrying a sign that read, "hey, i'm vegan"

Nobody wants to sit next to the guy at the party who tells you all night how he's quit drinking and smoking.  Just enjoy the party, guy. It's a stage in your life-process; we get it. Be here for the reason you're here.

That's the message alleged vegan-haters offer: be happy with yourself and we will be happy with you. It's not the vegan-ism that's ostracized, but evangel-ism.

Co-worker helped me realize the challenge with making assumptions about evangelism: the guy with the Satanic Vegan Cookbook might be at the party because he likes parties. Because he's selling a book, he may start talking about veganism. Can this be sensible and repulsive at the same time? Where's the line to be drawn?

Know your audience - that's where. Tim, my soul-mate from a different life, was a performer. He used to say: "Always leave'em wanting more." In other words, drop the cookie and then mindfully STFU. Let them ask for more. If they don't, revise your presentation next time.

Thanks in part to NaNoWriMo, everyone's writing a book. Yes, this includes me - I'm in the Pool of Annoyance. We're in luck, though, because my book is nowhere near the marketing stage.

People seem willing to pay for things that make them feel good. If you wonder why you're drowning in catchphrases and keywords these days, that's why. Half the catchphrases out there will lead you to someone who will teach you how to market your book or hire out as a speaker: You can be the one who helps people feel good. Motivational speaking is an industry now, and so is teaching about it.

And it's not all about the money - humans who feel blessed and grateful want to share their joy.

Your intended audience may not be ready to receive your joy.  Think about the state you were in before you were joyous - that's where you need to reach others. Ebullience is not the best recipe for baiting skittish creatures. The Little Prince had a good method for befriending the fox

Actually, handing out vegan cookies at a party may be better than talking about your book, and might just draw attention to your project. You see? Now we're marketing.

Walking in Adams-Morgan one day, I met a lady who was handing out origami cranes. I don't know how much interest directed to her artwork for the effort, but her message was well-received. By the time I'm ready to push my book, I will have something twisty to offer.

Buy the Book:

The Little Prince 75th Anniversary Edition
This version includes the history and making of a literary classic which is available in an unknown number of languages. My daughter used to own it in French and also in Spanish.

Smith & Daughters: A Cookbook (That Happens to Be Vegan)
Okay, it's not a satanic cookbook. Make some cookies anyway, and learn the tastiest benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. 


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