Looking In

There's some incredibly vocal bird - maybe a warbler or canary - nesting in the azalea outside my window.  He's going to help me succeed in my plan to wake up near sunrise every day.

The Order of Emergent Magick recommends practicing intent:  choose one thing you don't currently do, and perform that action every day for 30 days.  It can be something as simple as changing the place where you put your shoes every night. You can choose something you feel is more impactive, like meditating for 20 minutes.  Be very specific about the repetition.  And then after 30 days, intentionally don't do the thing for 30 days.

Learning how intent feels will lap over into other things  you do every day.  This morning I've sent a proposal for an editing gig, filled in some more squares on my project spreadsheet, and cleaned cobwebs.  You can buy cleaning equipment - a telescoping duster, for example - employ them and they actually work.  I am the master of my ship, dammit.

I took a few minutes to stand outside and talk with the bird in the azalea. Going back in, I saw this moth who probably thought he was hiding.  The catbirds seem to be plotting another offensive this year - I hear them screaming at me from over the roof. 

Change something you do every day, and see how it alters your life.

Read the Book Emergent Magick: Rebuilding Our Tribes Through Ritual and Meaning


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