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Duck Bowling vs. Ill-timed Christmas Gifts

*this is Annabelle, not a dalmatian. My mom used to give us our Christmas presents early because she couldn't wait, and then she'd buy something else to open on the holiday. She and I started a tradition some time ago, when we no longer wanted to exchange gifts, of mailing each other clipped advertisements. This game was called "This is what I'm not getting you for [insert holiday here]." T he best was an inflatable moose head . ...but then when I lived in Cali she mailed me a duck decoy with white spots painted all over it (to match my Dalmatian, she said.) Mom found the duck decoys tucked under the hedge when she bought her house (the one she moved out of without telling anybody.) A t one point she brought them to the house on Cabot street where I lived with Tim. W e lined them up in the yard and played bowling with his pro bowling balls. It was Tim's idea - an act of defiance against the brain tumor that prevented him from bowling, playing guitar, or anyth

With the intention of putting art in the hands of the people,

mycelium. is now on sale for Kindle or in paperback at . Its permanently lower paperback price is $5.99 because Amazon wouldn't let me price it lower.  Thanks to everyone who had to look at n versions of this cover. I appreciate you! If you can't purchase now but would like a .pdf, let me know.  It's my book and I can do what I want with it.