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The Mechanic: an Interview via Facebook Messenger ***Spoiler [ REDACTED] Edition***

Thoughtful questions are the best, and they aren't easy to come by. These Thoughtful Questions came to me via Facebook, proving social media doesn't have to be evil. This interrogator has read The Mechanic in its entirety. He's a friend of my guitar player, and now a friend of mine.
All three of us read the short story Exhalation by ****ing Ted Chiang, and you should, too. His book by the same title is exponentially mind-blowing. I have to keep putting it down because I can't take the heavy doses of reality.
On the side, I'm editing Mel's amazing story Sum. I've been writing letters to her main character, and sometimes he writes me back. Her character and I discussed similarities between my little story and his.
I have yet to meet Melinda Smith face-to-face, but we are friends and team members.  She fires my dopamine and oxytocin, too. This is not an endorsement of Facebook but a pulling-back of the curtain. I think it's important to understand how the tec…

The Mechanic - A fable in six parts: Part Two

The Shop operated overnight so the work chain wouldn't be interrupted. Managers rarely popped in to see what the mechanics were doing. Thus, these humans didn't take steps to present themselves well. They were shaggy and disheveled; they were loud, and casual about their duties. While being casual was reprehensible from the perspective of work chain, the drone-to-become-mechanic found these humans fascinating to observe. "Yo, get me that, the other one," bellowed a mechanic who had a cigarette in his mouth and a tiny screwdriver stabbed into the drone's foot. Ashes fell between metal joints. "That can of air, too, heh. Thanks, Yo." Compressed air blew the ashes into the workspace - reprehensible by work chain terms."Whaddaya think caused the glitch? You think he's trying to get out of work?" The other mechanic laughed at his own joke."We better watch it or he'll be after our job next!" The mechanics congr…

The Mechanic - A fable in six parts - Part One

In days long gone, which also could be called days of future yet unseen, a certain robot drone went missing from a local factory. News articles ran briefly on page four; people in coffeeshops and pubs speculated on who could have pulled off such a masterful theft, leaving no shred of evidence. These learned people agreed it must have been an inside job.The bot in question had a short file of maintenance issues: it was prone to falling out of sync, and sometimes Quality Assurance inspections found it to be missing some redundant part. Tech mechanics would either find a replacement for the lost hardware, or fashion one, or sometimes put the bot back together without the missing piece. Quality Assurance placed the mechanics on probation and ordered remedial training (if they were caught.)Eventually the missing drone's space in the work chain was filled with a newer model drone and an insurance claim was filed for the missing equipment. Page four went back to reporting power outages a…