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Meanwhile in Newcastle...Cooking in the Kitchen with Daoiri Farrell's Irish Folk Music

I met Beardo during my days of working hotel front desk. He was a co-shenanigator once, when I found myself in possession of tickets to see ZZ Top at the 9:30 Club. Details are fuzzy, but I needed someone to take 2 of 4 tickets I was getting from a shady back-alley Craigslist transaction with a guy who looked like a federal whistle-blower.

Don't ask me what a federal whistle-blower looks like; use your imagination and do your own casting. The man had pain in his eyes and darkness under them. He used few words, and he disappeared like smoke down the alley between graffiti and garbage bins after taking my cash. I got away unharmed.

Beardo is also known as Steve Cunningham of @BoomChang Records, and he records this excellent ...what is this? A show? A podcast? High-quality entertainment, that's what it is. He sets up a band in his kitchen, interviews at the counter, and I assume he serves everyone coffee and biscuits. I plan to show up one day and there had better be biscuits (A…

Hatnanigans the Third - The Test Hat wins! Please Support Small Business and Handcrafters

Oh. Em. GEE. Waiting has been like going into labor. The post office finally got the third package to me today - the Test Hat which Michell  made using extra-heavy, potentially ugly, yarn she found especially for me.

It's still not ugly, but it's super-heavy and thick with character. It's got a White Hat good guy side, and a Black Hat bad guy side. It's so very me. I'll take Michell's advice and wear it rolled up a bit, so my Yin and Yang show like a warning flag. Or a warming flag.

I AM SO HAPPERY! I may never take it off, ever.

Thank you again, Michell of CrochetAndThingsCo.

Please support Small Businesses and Handcrafters. Your grandparents would never have survived without them.

Hatnanigans Part the Two: The Hat Show

Me: :::sauntering into the office wearing the Loud Hat:::
BRB: I can do it on Friday!
Me: We're doing it TODAY! Three of them came last night.
BRB: TODAY? Okey-dokey! 

Me: :::sauntering to my cube wearing the Loud Hat::: Emilyyyy...Look what I got....
Emily:  :::frozen stare::: We're doing it TODAY?
Emily: Okay...Can we do it outside?

Me: :::proudly laying the Loud Hat on my desk:::
Anne: COOL HAT! I am so stealing this! :::grabs hat and bounces off:::
Me: :::icy death stare:::
Anne: :::lays the Loud Hat back on my desk:::

During lunch, we got it together - BRB, Emily, and I all in the bathroom fixing our makeup for the photo shoot. We decided to pose in front of the Christmas tree in the office instead of going outside. HR kindly agreed to take pictures with my phone; they were all out of focus but two. In one of those I'm rolling my eyes up in my head.  Thank you, HR - my phone was the problem, I promise. 

We hied us to the breakroom where, said BRB, the l…

Jade Resilience: What Have You Maintained for At Least Ten Years?

When BRB and I worked at a different job together, we had conversations on how to make wise choices in partnering. One thing we agreed upon: those guys who are in the front row vying for attention are also the ones who are in everybody's front row, and they don't have much to bring to the negotiating table. We wanted a fast measure and possibly a filter:

"What have you maintained in your life for at least ten years?"

Our coworker Marcus responded:

"What if all you've maintained is a good pair of shoes?"  We laughed, but hey. That tells you where a person is at in life, doesn't it?

And then I turned the question on myself.

The answer varies year to year, of course; I finally had to stop reviving my banyan tree which I'd grown from seed. I killed it three times; no, four. In another episode of prolonged distraction, the jade tree I brought to the office rotted down the middle.

I've not had this plant for ten years; more like five. I negotiate…