Things People Say About Me

Here is a list of things actually said about me: 

(disclaimer: this page is not a testament to me, but to all the awesome people I meet on my journey. Also, I just typoed "meat", possibly in a Freudian sense.)

"erratic, loyal, loved by many but artistic and quirky."

 (I think you assert verbally, frequently)

" Every time I see random chairs I think of you "

 "It's like you somehow captured the reality of a person to person conversation but all by yourself."

GOD! You're efficient. 

"I literally tell people you're like shots of tequila. OK here and there but too much and you'll end up wandering the streets in an unknown city." (This was my daughter, by the way.) 

Deb, you kind of remind me of... Chris De Burgh

"You are St. Deb of Understatement. Your mannor (sic) of speaking on the phone alludes to the possibility of you having perfect comedic timing."

"I heard you talking about your I read're cooler than I thought." 

"Remarkable." (I laughed. Lots.)

You are practical and a bit dull?  I am properly intimidated now. I am fully intimidated.

 I love the way you elevate it all to poetry

"You're the Pirate Queen." 

I certainly sense a suredness in you like I would share a foxhole in a war with you 

Deb - I think you are using terms that are not defined in a way I can respond to. 

"You shouldn't worry about losing the (mongolian sheep) knee even though you found it.  You've still got your brain.  Beats the weirdness of anything else. "

You're a treasure, Deb. A joy working with you.

"Your mind is complicated."

"You've been an absolute Gift from Heaven. and you can put my name on that." - Dr. Brotherson

"She is a cloud of rainbow sherbet - but wait, you didn't get it. Sherbet is that thing that everybody thinks they don't like and nobody wants it, and then they have some and think it's awesome." 
"call me..I have booze" - Twodogs Freezing

"I love your life."

 "Thank you for being there, and just listening to me." (this was a work call and we both started laughing.)

 You are eminently quotable.


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