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This Post Is About Prosody (vs. Procrastination in the name of Pattern Extraction)

No, really. My exceptional book club is discussing " The Soap Opera Effect ." In case you don't want to read the article (which I didn't but I did read it) it's a setting in Smart TVs which inserts AI-generated frames to smooth out motion in fast-moving scenes. Motion-smoothing was invented because some people found that action unnerving when it didn't match expectations. This is why we care about prosody , right? Right. Tina Ross taught me the word, but Bill Goodell has been teaching me to be mindful of prosody in songwriting without using the word (like making horse sounds , for example.) Our ability to assign emotion to patterns we find (or don't) is something that fascinates me, possibly because I missed that class or maybe didn't get to it when I dropped out of college? In other words, I don't know how much everybody else is aware of human knee-jerk reactions when the brain processes something the person isn't really logging. I used