Written, Not Spoken ~ Edit and Design Services ~

Written word becomes part of history. Be sure what they remember is what you meant.

Effective writing is a thought carefully shaped to impact your target. 
Craft your message with exactly what you mean to give the world, not more nor less.
  • Grammar and Spelling - Yes, they matter; that's why I'm here. I help you avoid pratfalls. 
  • Flow and Pacing - Are you guiding your reader toward your point or leaving him to wander around?
  • Poetry and Prose - Your brain hears what your eyes read. Words convey meaning but also lend rhythm and melody to your work. I'll show you how to use devices like alliteration to invoke mood and increase clarity. 
I'm not your housekeeper.  I don't tidy up your manuscript for you; I show you opportunity. You're never obligated to take my advice. This is your baby, from beginning to end. 


What do you want to do? send me an email outlining your project.
~ Prices start at $2/page. Retainer is due upon acceptance. ~
"Deb always keeps me on track. She forces me to think outside my own limited range. Deb does more than take out what you don't need, she helps you find the essence of your writing." - James L. Wilber, author of My Babylon
"I appreciate the way you look at sentence structure. For example, the first paragraph is much tighter with much bigger impact. I prefer to have a real person edit. By 'real' I mean someone who will interact with me and ask questions about the intent and meaning I wish to convey." - Rob Coapman, author of And There Was Light: How MDMA Saved My Life
"Thanks to your editing skills I was able to get a higher grade on my essays. You noticed typos that I missed as well as sentences that didn't make any sense. I will continue to use your skills to proof my essays. Thank you." - Stacy D.

~  Design Services  ~ 
ProjectRACE advocates for the inclusion of [ ]Multiracial on standardized forms for the convenience of people who wish to identify as a collective of races, rather than choosing one or more.  Please consider volunteering to gain official recognition of Multiracial Heritage Week in your state: go to http://www.projectrace.com/mhw/.

I participated as co-editor on this project as well as cover design. The cover art is my original, Sagittarians, and is available for sale in numbered prints.


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