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27 Hours of Philadelphia - Art in the Sky

About the time I had my booth set up and I could relax, I realized where I was.

One Liberty Place is that tall, pointy building you see in the movies when they show Philadelphia's skyline. We were in there, on the Observation Deck, setting up spooky art.

I don't think my art is spooky, quite, but it isn't Disney. I like to call it Creepy Folk. Crows that aren't scared, banjo optional, like that. So I thought this event hosted by Jerks Productions might connect me with my people. I made no sales, but I definitely found my people.

I met the Bone Lady - Rocky Digati of Darker Arts Studio, home of Osso Bella Human Bone Jewelry. If you're in the market for a human  radius bone necromancer wand, she's your gal. Rocky gets her bits from discarded scientific specimens. She does own an historic cemetery; she says, "we keep the businesses separate." She's a no-nonsense friendly soul.

After setting  up, calming down, realising where I was, I thought I shou…


tell me a story in sticks and leaves
painted faces,with'ring veins
we converse in falling -
yours yellow, mine angry
aflame in amber-red
as the last caterpillar creeps
o'er the doorjamb
dressed for snow
*Leaf-painting by @RandyMCombs. @rageMichelle is his muse
Here's the story behind the painted leaves