UPdate on Things: Coyote the Trickster, aka Remember That Time I said I wasn't gonna blog today?

Only it didn't *just* happen. It's been marinating. It spoke to me some little time ago - not that long ago - in the middle of a conversation about somebody else's vision.  Visions are sneaky like that. They move like electricity, making leaps, and they can shape-shift. They don't necessarily mean the same thing to the same person, or the same thing at the end of their travel as they did when they started.  It doesn't matter.

My job as an artist is to convey messages which already exist in time-space, and try to do it as clearly as possible when you don't have access to the language which was the original conveyance.  It's my favorite game.

This is done now for the second time, and at the heart of the message is a feather given me by someone else who apparently received the message. Stay tuned, Etsy-friend...our story is leaving the ground.

Today I bought the Coyote a new suit, in the form of a $4.99 thrift store frame. I brought the painting in with me, to make sure his suit would fit, and I found a perfect match. I explained to the thrift store owner that I'd brought the painting with me, and he should not charge me for it. Okay, he said. And then he paid attention.

"You drew that? My wife draws, too. She was a teacher, in Korea, middle school. Now she draws sometimes." Me, too, Thrift Store Guy. I gotta paint more.

Every painting has a song. Here is the song I listen to while working on this one:

 Mose ft.Suyana - Live at Heart Culture 2017

I do not own this music, blah blah blah. Enjoy it.

Buy Trickster Coyote Greeting Cards Here.
Buy Coyote the Trickster Beach/Shopping/Tote Here.

Yep, kids - I'm merchandising. If you have a something you want this design on, let me know and  will create a store item. 


  1. That coyote looks like it should be wearing a person.

  2. Z LOVES that Trickster! She thinks that he should come to Seattle and go to Doggie Day Care with her and EVERYONE would play! It is beautiful!


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