Be the Gravy

Before you can accept people for who they are and what they have to offer

you have to accept yourself and what you can offer to yourself. It can be a lonely place to start, but it's absolutely necessary. 

If someone matters to you, tell them. They may ask how or why; you don't have to answer. You can answer with, "I don't know." 

Our culture tends to place an inordinate amount of value on romantic social relationships, pretty frosted decorations, when what we need is the nutritious meal. There are so many ways that people matter to us, some seemingly unimportant. They're very important. Eventually you may tell yourself why these people matter to you, and maybe you can share with them.

Tell the people that matter to you:  You are not frosting.

For yourself:  maybe you can't manage a full nutritious meal right now. Start with what you have. You probably have some fat in the refrigerator, flour in the cupboard (and you can't remember how it even got there.) Just add water, be a little salty, and there you have it: a comfortable embellishment to what you have right now.  Let it be enough for you today.

Be the gravy. Or hummus, if you like. Put some sumac on it. 


  1. I wish some of you guys lived closer. :-)

  2. YES. Or we could beam in. There's a new Star Trek coming, so maybe...?

  3. My pants don't fit very well. I only paid two dollars for them at a discount store. Do you think I have the right to be outraged?

  4. Yes. You also have the right to resolve the issue in the way that best serves you. I'd go get a couple more pairs of $2 pants and try again. I might also opt for throwing away the ill-fitting ones rather than donating, thus making a possibly arrogant judg(e)ment call that they won't serve anyone and I'm saving someone else $2.

  5. Very nice work... gravy is universal


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