Things I Do Differently Now That I'm Older

  • Match my underthings and
  • wear cowboy boots and
  • spend money on a good pillow and
  • enjoy brussels sprouts and
  • avoid cheap wine and
  • whatever I want and
  • let friends go when they want to go (this one has been the most difficult, more than brussels sprouts)
Start doing all these things now, if not yesterday. It will save you time
tears, not so much

but that's okay.  

*this post is dedicated to Al, who appreciates my boots and lingerie even though he hasn't seen any of them.


  1. Zilch brussels sprouts, cheap wine and matching my undies in anything but color. Sports bras don't actually come in "sexy." I would LOVE some good cowgirl boots, and I've already got a
    Texas hat to go with them. Although I'd prefer a ten-gallon, authentic cowboy hat to this one. If I match anything, I'd match the hat and boots, but I've passed the point of some return and am retired now, so it has to be like the birdie goes, "Cheap! Cheap! Cheap!"
    I've always done whatever I wanted. And friends sometimes go only to reappear years later. :-)

  2. Thrift stores. Sometimes that's where I rediscover the old friends ;)

  3. Although my list is a bit different, I was entertained by yours. And I subscribed to your blog.

    1. This is so cool! Thank you! But wait, now I want to know about your list. Do you have suggestions, maybe?


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