Definitions for Typos: Sunglower vs. Migraine

 by débora Ewing c/o Brain Health Northwest
I'm on day two of migraine, which almost never happens to me.  The sun is shining but I can't enjoy it because it's too bright; the letters on my screen are doubling as I type but less so than yesterday.  I'll take it slowly.

My signature stiff neck is loosening and actually hurts, which is better than the usual feeling which defies explanation - like my body chooses to stop existing and I'm unsure where I'm attached.  It's not pain, exactly, but something more horrifying.  When I feel it coming - when sounds and lights are becoming sharper - I can usually duck out with a lot of Ibuprofen and benadryl and sleep until it passes.  I haven't gotten to day 2 in years.

But I am dedicated to #draweveryday, so last night I did some work I thought I could manage by rote, more birds to the murmuration on my painting The Zorya.  My initial vision for this painting suggested it would be finished by now and I'd be working on a new one in the series.

In an email to a friend I typoed that I'd
added birds to the sunglower  painting (typo left for reason.)

Typically I won't paint unless I'm feeling it; too often I've had to do the work over again later.  The new birds look don't look jubilant like the tenor of the main work.  They look like tears:  desolate, drooping, teary.  When I filter the painting through camera lens (which is recommended for a different perspective) the overall effect is close to correct.  This makes sense.

Tears are in everything or it isn't alive.

 Sunglower  \ ˈsən-ˌglau̇(-ə)r
  1.  noun - a thing which is sunny and cheerful with an undercurrent of sadness
  2. verb -  to allow despondence to show alongside genuine  happiness and positivity
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Brain Health Northwest of Seattle, Washington - Conditions
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