Meanwhile in Newcastle...Cooking in the Kitchen with Daoiri Farrell's Irish Folk Music

I met Beardo during my days of working hotel front desk. He was a co-shenanigator once, when I found myself in possession of tickets to see ZZ Top at the 9:30 Club. Details are fuzzy, but I needed someone to take 2 of 4 tickets I was getting from a shady back-alley Craigslist transaction with a guy who looked like a federal whistle-blower.

Don't ask me what a federal whistle-blower looks like; use your imagination and do your own casting. The man had pain in his eyes and darkness under them. He used few words, and he disappeared like smoke down the alley between graffiti and garbage bins after taking my cash. I got away unharmed.

Beardo is also known as Steve Cunningham of @BoomChang Records, and he records this excellent ...what is this? A show? A podcast? High-quality entertainment, that's what it is. He sets up a band in his kitchen, interviews at the counter, and I assume he serves everyone coffee and biscuits. I plan to show up one day and there had better be biscuits (American or British - I'll take either.)

His guest for these episodes, Daoiri Farrell, is going to wow you with the stringed Bouzouki and the stretched Bodhrán. I'm not joking about that wow part. 

I'd intended to transcribe the dialogue into American, but YouTube's done it for me. I made some corrections, because it's what I do.

(Steve) hello and welcome to cookin in the kitchen boom town BoomChang records, DC Corsa cost  Coast to Coast here again. Today another fantastic guest all the way from Dublin, currently touring over here in the UK Derry  Diaori, how are you doing?
(Diaori)  Huntley  Not too bad; a lot of heavy hiccup How are you keeping?
(Steve) a it'll be Hey, it's lovely to have you here her in the kitchen.
(Diaori)  when Yeah,  we good to be here in the kitchen, Landel man What a [not sure really, lovely, maybe?] kitchen. better than ever
(Steve) I gotta say I been checking out your music.
(Diaori) Thank you.
(Steve) but it's a really nice fresh approach. I love it.
(Diaori) we shall Gordon Awesome. Good, I'm glad.
(Steve) well it's all a Will you tell us a little bit about your past?
(Diaori)went are Sure... 
(Steve) and you going to get how you got involved in the music see  scene?
(Diaori) sure my lad  (okay, maybe that's what he said) I mean did I get into it... I know, if the  listen to music like Irish tradition justifies a player basically over listen to that since it was kids like and I suppose

Aw, heck with it. 'Ave a look at this Geordie and his mates, yeah? I REALLY enjoy this show Cookin' in the Kitchen. I'm trying to help you, letting you know it's here.

Cookin' in the Kitchen - Daoiri Farrell Part 1 with Bouzouki
What's a Bouzouki?  
Get the book - Irish Bouzouki Method 

Cookin' in the Kitchen - Daoiri Farrell Part 2 with the Bodhrán 
What's a Bodhrán? 
Get the book - The Bodhrán


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