Sort of a Dear John Letter

I thought about your question, and I have an answer: 

If we had stayed together...well, we didn't because we couldn't.  You misunderstand when you think I was finding myself, and maybe I misunderstand when I think you were finding yourself and think you still are. In truth, we both understand ourselves very well, and the one miscommunication - me not getting what you meant when you said 'you can do whatever you want...' - can probably be extrapolated into an entire relationship of What Would Have Happened, if we'd stayed together. 

It would have been passionate and messy. We would have been stubborn enough to stay together for far too long and harbor too many grudges. We would have cooked for each other, broken furniture, cleaned up the mess, broken each other's hearts over and again.  

I may have to write this story just for the fun of it.  Or maybe I just did.


  1. It's like meeting the right person at the wrong time ?? Story of my life....

    1. I am edified
      by your mere existence, yet
      it's complicated -

      It's like wrong bodies
      starcrossing parallel paths
      in misplaced timelines

      and incongruous events
      - these are inconvenient facts.

  2. Modern Opposites
    The opposite of love is no longer hate, but indifference.
    The opposite of pleasure is no longer pain, but mentally numb.
    The opposite of laughter is not anger now, but faked solidarity.
    The opposite of joy is not sadness, but ambivalence.
    The opposite of pride is not shame, but demeaning inadequacy.
    And opposite me, can never be you.

    1. This is good. I think it has always been thus, though.


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