Movie Review: Certified Copy, 2011 - What is the importance of the original?

YEAH, no, I shot myself in the foot on this one because I don't like feely-movies. I was hoping, naively, for more focus on the the discussion of art's impact on society, but really I should have known better. It is sad how judg(e)mental I can remain watching these two strangers enact a very realistic fake marriage of 15 years.  A lot of the time I am siding with the guy: if the wine is bad, you say something.

I had to stop watching, though, to comment on a pivotal point in the "marriage" - the pretending wife is complaining that her pretend husband doesn't see her, because he didn't notice she changed her lipstick nor her earrings.  On this I disagree, and I have to credit my ex-husband.

Yardy rarely cared if I wore makeup or not. I clean up well, as they say. I often call makeup "battle armor", and it's important when how I present to society is important. It's important when I'm feeling especially unwell and how I present to myself is important. It's not always defensive; sometimes it's a costume, a game. I think we all have a bit of drag-queen to us.

There were times when Yardy wanted me to accompany him somewhere, and I'd ask whether he wanted me to put on makeup first.  Almost always he would say it was up to me. This is because he saw me. I joke about the best pick-up line that ever worked: 

"I like your brown eyes. I like the dark circles under them, too." Wasn't the ex that said it, though.

Yardy did comment on them once. my famous eye-circles, and said: "my sister has them."  He didn't care. There were other reasons, obviously, why our marriage was insupportable.  My authentic, unadorned, face wasn't one of them.

In the movie, the husband said he did notice. Guys have their guy-reasons for not commenting on things, and this I will never understand. If the thing is said, a lot of fires could potentially be diffused. Then again, we like fires as long as they're controlled, right? Maybe all the angry women should stop and appreciate the mystery of what goes unsaid.

I think there's a thing here that all people should heed.  If you see the actual person, the games and the trappings don't matter.  If the person is fixated on their trappings and games, you may have a problem.


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