Support Systems vs. Getting Over Myself #daydrinkingthoughts

I just came back to my workstation and found this. I confirmed with my supervisor-friend that it does not mean #daydrinking is approved.  I can't find any documentation that it's expressly forbidden, either. That coffee mug, Newcastle Stan, was a gift from my pal Beardo at BoomChang Records. I had to confirm that I like Stan the band, and I do, and so will you if you listen to them. Click that link and get happy.

Gifts are awesome, especially when they show somebody actually gets you. Even when the gift is knives, maybe especially then.

It is nice to be understood.

I may be working up some Artistic Fervor (read: meltdown) this weekend. I really can't stand myself this week - I can't stand how I can't figure out why I'm stagnating, still, again. It's a process; everything is.  I am a process. My process is moving very. extremely. slowly. at. this. time. I want to see results. I crave resolution. I am itchy in this alone-space which I love so much. Sometimes good art comes out of this feeling. Let's just hope.

But somebody gave me Sweet Tea Vodka from Austin, Texas. That is definitely enough, for now.

UPDATE: Somebody came by my desk to see where the bottle had gone to. She didn't ask whether it was empty. Hm.


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