INFP-AF. (Hint: the F is for Forgiving.)

I took somebody's online quiz (having no faith in online quizzes but needing entertainment.)  

The quiz proclaimed me INFP-T. As I read their breakdown I kept mumbling IS ALL WRONG.

It's an online quiz, for cripes' sake.  But the quiz-creators take themselves relatively seriously. The Briggs-Meyers test is considered reputable to some degree.  

Worse, a friend sent me a link of Quora discussions:

 "I dunno about that infp stuff," Sharon said. "Google says infp types tend to be verbally unassertive. (I think you assert verbally, frequently)"

Sharon's met me. 

Jim adds: "Because you know how much more there is that you didn't assert." Yes, Jim, so much yes.  It is nice to be understood.

Let's just be clear on one thing:  I AM JUDG(E)MENTAL. I am measuring, calculating, making diagnoses at all times - all of them.  However, it is not my job to execute judgment.  If you ask, I'll tell you my findings, and it's up to you to punish yourself.  

You don't need me (or anyone) to judge you - that's a habit left over from a culture that distributes brimstone and hellfire as a means of control. You already know what you did. 

Here's some advice, though: do your diligence, and forgive yourself. Ask those who were wronged, if they are alive, whether there are amends to be made, and make them. 

forgive yourself. Move on.  

Further reading:

Are Scores on the MBTI Totally Meaningless? - Psychology Today 
My answer: give up on discreteness, and  you'll be alright.


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