I Tried Hard to Write Ecolo-poetry, and This Is What Happened.

You have a beautiful mind.
Thank you.

And we want you to use it.
Thank you. On what should I use it?

You can use it on anything you like.

Well, yes, butterflies. But don't you want to use your mind productively?
What means productively?

Something that progresses the state of the world.
The world seems very big and moving due to gravitational collapse...

The citizens, then...mankind as a whole.
Just the mans, then? I am not a man.

No, silly...humans. All humans are equal.
Okay. Am I a humans?

I like butterflies. Are butterflies humans?

No, butterflies are not humans, but you can like them.
I want to use my beautiful mind to help them.  I can study what they need and they will always be and I will be happy. Will this progress the state of all humankinds?

Well, perhaps...butterflies need oxygen like we do...
And food. Butterfly foods are in flowers, and I like flowers. Do humankinds find that production of flowers helps to progress the world?

Maybe. That's an interesting calculation.
Thank you.

But we'd like you to use this data.
...these data are wrong.

This is the data that's being used today, and you'll want to fit your calculations into what's already in motion.
...but these data are not accurate. They're wrong.

 You can't know that. Please just learn this data. It works - everbody's working with it. They're making it work.

Just...Yes.  Tell you what...let me have that data back, okay?


Come on, we'll go find you some butterflies.

And will we be able to determine how many generations of butterflies can be sustained on their preferred food source at the current rate of pollution, industrialization, and the prevalence of genetically-modified crops?

Yeah, kid. Here's a lolly.


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