Things People Say About Me

Here is a list of things actually said about me: 

(disclaimer: this page is not a testament to me, but to all the awesome people I meet on my journey. Also, I just typoed "meat", possibly in a Freudian sense.)

Brilliant and mineralogically sound 
😂you're assonance!

You're not as Okie as I'd thought...
Because you're the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

you are a universe of encouragement!

you always said you remain your best source of entertainment. Now you're your best source of earworm

Don't send hearts through the mail, though. That's illegal.

You're supposed to melt your cold, cold heart, not bleed from it

When it comes from Deb, I know everything is possible and valid...

Realizing that Deb lays poetry bombs ....

| Words are | indeed | carefully | consid | ered at | this time |

You're so disturbing when you arrive.

I would think everyone you work with is both terrified and exhilarated

You're both my dominatrix and my muse - the whip and the inspiration! 
(editor's note: so that's a yes, then.)

An enticing whisper from a fog shrouded alley  For good or evil

...We Should Follow deb Ewing Yes, even into the Dead Sea…

making you smile/ is like dark prayer

I don't think you need a world that conforms to you Maybe that's the way you built it

Yes, you have a little bit of fighting aura when you read a poem
                             (me: that's just my regular aura)

hey! I kinda got to be your muse a little bit (no homo)

Describing your poetry necessitates more poetry. Such is its allure.

 Luckily Deb Ewing is a verbal distillery

Me: Some might call it irritating.
Them: Or entertaining. Heartfelt irritating entertainment.
(update: I'm getting that on my next round of business cards.) (update: I did not get that on my next round of business cards.)

Thanks Deb. I'm making  a note of the thing I'm not supposed to say, and repeating it to myself so that I won't forget.  Its a real tongue-twister, wouldn't work well in a song, so I probably will remember not to write it.

well NOBODY LIKES you, but we mostly love you!

FYI, it never occurred to me to picture you as the loser of a fight.

If there is anybody who I'd want to lead me in an unexpected direction, it would be you :)  <3 :)
Cooler than a dozen chili dogs baby !!!!

Aye, come on over - I'll wear my strongest trousers 💪😅

you’re the exception to every rule. I’m just faking it.

I hate you fucking talented people so much. All of you.
Just wanted to stop by and say, "Deb NO!" In case you needed it. 

You say this truth so clearly that one understands even before realizing no more needs saying.
You are gifted at giving.

I'm pretty sure you're a bot. And I've met you in person several times. 

Some of your words take my breath away...  

we'd say you are "culo inquieto" (you can't stay quiet) 😄like ass with ants

I am excited and scared at the same time by your tweet. 😬

You are Schrödinger’s cat

Everything you draw is nipples, except actual nipples.

You understand rhythm…

You ARE the spice of life. ❤

Your flirtation hosts a purity of feminine allure, kind yet able to pray and prey to the inner blush of human song. Less you such bliss would cease. Know that.
(me: wait...when was I flirting? I WAS FLIRTING??)

...because if anyone ever deserves to feel great it was you.

I don't know whether to be envious of all the things you've been through....

5. keep going in general, dork

I may not have life figured out yet, but one thing I've learned is to believe everything that deb says unconditionally.

I'm realizing that all you do is campaignes

Do it. Make everyone a poet.

you taught me to see poetry in the ordinary (editor's note: see? It's working.)

moaning in misery is carried off very well from you


we'd play Cuando los angeles lloran again for you...

Thanks. You make me feel normal. 

You deserve to know you, because that's the kind of person you are.

No, you think the thoughts no one else can even conceptualise.

I have to tell you that I felt some like strong Dylan vibes from that one! Like the way he tells stories mean.
(my response: fuck.)

Now I'm hearing Joni Mitchell. Scrap the Dylan stuff lol it's Joni
(my response: FUCK.)

"...and Debora is stable..." (meaning that my desk will remain where it is. Nobody has ever actually called me stable.)

Get a Deborchestra

But in brief, when you flat a Bb, is it an A, Debs? That's the big question. I say no. It's a Bbb.

You're too spooky for your own good, Deb.

I'm creating your Honorary Latina card for you to carry in your wallet.

 (I think you assert verbally, frequently)

I love you no matter how quiet you get

" Every time I see random chairs I think of you "

Black heart
You’re both kind and valiant, Deb.

Who Is Deb Ewing?

"I don't know what that word means, but I know she didn't use the wrong word!" 
(editor's note: I sometimes use the wrong word.)

You're A Storm That Came Out of Nowhere And It's Still Warm Out And Everyone's Laughing And Jumping In Puddles

Thanks Debs. You made me capable of my own things today with yours.

awa an bile yur heed

You're a big ol' love-mush.

So I went to your page to try and gauge your mood. I can only say, wow. You are so alive that I feel quite breathless.

Anytime you can use “scattier” in a sentence, you win!

Overthinking has detrimental consequences BE DEBS

"You can't end on a tentacle." 

"Thank you, Debora, for being anonymous." 

I stand devoted and confused.

I don't think there's any reason to look at the video - I took a screen grab of Deb's crappy book cover (just because it said shit goes here or something). 

WTAF? Do you live in Jumanji? (I do live in Jumanji.)

You'd prefer to be feral though I suspect you're more tarnished in ways of domestication; beyond jaded; the silver's gone black but the heart is pure sterling (it's that dirty copper that makes you hard and reactive to oxygen)

I'm going to follow you because you care where apostrophes go and I recently cried over commas. We are kindred . . .

 "It's like you somehow captured the reality of a person to person conversation but all by yourself."

anytime I want to avoid problems in the future I'm going to say "Octopodes!" and see if this works for me as it works for you.

There once was a deb from virginia
Who mistakenly ate hugueninia (I did NOT force that rhyme!)
She stayed up all night
Until she got it right
And then put the poetry in ya

Jim questions the existence of that his head, the etymology is 'see Deb's tweet'.

You are not a tin hat. Stick that on your brag page and smoke it.

never thought I would hear levitating and goat milk in the same sentence.

you got good bones, woman

“And special thanks to me editor, who has the heart of a small child (which she keeps in a jar on her mantle)”
*mantel - your editor. 

You Deb should just be famous for being an all round incredible human being who is stupidly good at everything she does


I would know your words without your name attached to them.

I woke up with 'ce la brie'  in my head today, I blame Deb Ewing (for quite a lot) lol 😆😜

Yeah you can pull off the Alice Cooper. Not that your quite lovely in another light.

You candor is respectable. 

The inside of your head is a beautiful land.
Please never change it

OK, you're an exception, because I know you have exquisite taste in rabbits.

"I literally tell people you're like shots of tequila. OK here and there but too much and you'll end up wandering the streets in an unknown city." (#parentingwin) 

Ah yes. You are on the muse end of the stick.

Your unknown is bringing clarity. I need to visit you more often. Your uniqueness and confident strides in directions new to many of us is invigorating.

My brain would really love nothing more than to square dance with yours (...what a fabulously weird sentence..)! ❤

"You are St. Deb of Understatement. Your mannor of speaking on the phone alludes to the possibility of you having perfect comedic timing."

In your poems and songs, you ponder so many meaningful things in a fearless way.

"I heard you talking about your I read're cooler than I thought." 

You are practical and a bit dull?  I am properly intimidated now. I am fully intimidated.

 I love the way you elevate it all to poetry

"You're the Pirate Queen." 

Go, baby. I'm right next to you.

I certainly sense a suredness in you like I would share a foxhole in a war with you 

if it wasn't for you, I would have no reflection, some days ☯💙☯

2. You’re like the goddam battery

Deb - I think you are using terms that are not defined in a way I can respond to.

you are UNAPOLOGETIC and that's what I think is amazing.

🙌🏻 Well, it’s the truth and you wear it well. 😊

True art is incompatible with box-checking.

"You shouldn't worry about losing the (Mongolian sheep) knee even though you found it.  You've still got your brain.  Beats the weirdness of anything else. "

You're a treasure, Deb. A joy working with you.

Oh I think Deb is the pokemon that's one or two steps more evolved than I am! Incidentally, she's also got a great story about a duende...
Absolutely brilliant! There’s not enough clap emojis so, this will have to do 👏 n—>     for all n inside the set of all R

"Your mind is complicated."

"You've been an absolute Gift from Heaven. and you can put my name on that." - Dr. Brotherson

3.Thanks Deb, I knew you'd know what to do

1. I appreciate you so fucking much.
Put that shit on your blog.

I had to read that just to hear about your termites.

You are eminently quotable. 

I knew I was right to trust your recommendation.

make sure you mention that half the $hit you say is incomprehensible 🤣🤣

...well aware of her lyrical vomiting

I will not be a part of your avoidance of the information

I see your light, lady… the vomit is just a bonus

4. Well you’re fucking brilliant too, asshole

Deb: just draw the damn avocado!

Rolling on the floor laughing


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