Bright vs. #Equality

It's crazy-making how impossible it seems to create a set of boundaries for society and then adhere to that set.

Let us first define society as a set of self-aware beings operating within the same boundary.  The boundary, for purpose of our discussion, is whatever it takes to enclose all the sentient beings. We're good, right?  We're good until someone steps over the line, or starts drawing boundaries where they are more comfortable.

Face it: if all people were in agreement on what constitutes decency, we wouldn't need laws. If we were capable of enforcing our own laws, we wouldn't need enforcers.  There is an obvious inherent flaw, and I would really like to start with everybody recognising the obvious.


Nobody is better than the next sentient being at judging, better at abiding, better at compassion; we are all flawed. And yet we still judge. The only thing that makes one being better than the next is effort: whether a being keeps trying.

I've watched the movie Bright on Netflix more than six times now.  "Watch" is relative; it's playing right now and I'm looking at you. I like the sets, the colors, the dynamics, the sociology. I like how the black man is a police officer and he tries his damnedest to treat everybody equally but he still operates with biases against his partner, who is an Orc. I like the way he struggles with socio-economic stratification when it comes to the front-yard barbecue next door. I laugh every time he says "Fairy Lives don't matter today."  He chooses the boundary of happy wife vs. Fairy Life.

Watch your boundaries, people.  You are on the outside of somebody's, just as surely as they are on the outside of yours.


  1. "Fairy lives don't matter today." That sorta sums it up, doesn't it?

  2. TOTALLY. I applaud the brilliance of that one line.


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