My Keto Story - I (heart) Tuna

Here is why I don't buy groceries:  I spent $83 on things that need to be cooked, and then bought food out all week. Today I finally decide to "cook," which means opening a can and a jar. On the plus side, the $2.59 can of Yellowfin Tuna in Olive Oil really is better than the $.99 on sale Wild caught Albacore I usually eat, and the Goya artichokes are seasoned with comino, more Latin-style than Italian (like the Centa brand.) It's good to have options.I'm just lacking fresh leaves - I have mint in the yard but yuck.

I planted Lime Basil yesterday, and when that's grown it will be perfect for this combination. The leaves really taste like lime and basil. At $2.50 an envelope, it really doesn't hurt much if you throw  them on the ground and nothing grows - it's a lottery ticket.  I'm all for taking chance that won't leave you ill, incarcerated, or homeless.

This bowl of yumminess is keto-friendly because it's largely protein and fat. It does have a pretty high salt content, and the artichokes have probably maxed out my allotment of carbs for the day.

I haven't been on the keto diet for about 3 weeks now, and I regained almost half the weight I'd lost doing nothing but eating keto-friendly. I have a really hard time eating so much fat - that is why I bailed. I didn't have to eat all the bread, cake, and rice I did (thank you, Bino, for the party gig) and I could try to keep exercising on a regular schedule. What's a schedule, again?

If Virginia Monsoon season is over, I will go back to being serious about biking to work once a week. Oh, and I need to put air in the bike tire. Yeah.


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