On What Was a Wedding Anniversary

Today is the anniversary of my (to-date) only legal marriage. I feel like I should give an official statement.

I'm not angry. I'm not sorry. I made my peace before proceeding with divorce.

There was some awkwardness, mostly outside the marriage, while I tried to maintain calm in the household during the steps leading to the divorce. It was important to me that there not be a messy blow-up, and there wasn't; apparently that was important to my former husband, too, if predictably so.

We arrived at the court successfully in a state of calm. The judge seemed confused, possibly relieved. I'm sure the rest of his day didn't go so smoothly.

My counterpart shed a few tears when I gave back the wedding rings; I wanted to dissociate myself from them and leave him to decide their fate. That was my only bit of meanness, because I knew deciding what to do would be harder for him than for me.

My first year of divorce was a sea-storm. The surges and doldrums were to be expected, but knowing never makes a thing easy. My second year of divorce is moving along just swimmingly. I have  no regrets.

Many thanks to those who have been supportive. I appreciate you forever.

All told, I consider my only legal marriage to be a project well-completed. I'm ready to keep being me. You might think the divorce date would be a better date of celebration, but I'd have to look it up. And it doesn't matter - it's just another date, the end of the process.

So today might also be just another date. I remember it not to commemorate, but to celebrate my success. Cheers, mates.


  1. Good attitude. Having been through 2 divorces, one amicable, the other messy and mean, the former is better. Sometimes you have to walk through a bit of quicksand to find the Promised Land.

  2. You should have kept the rings lol.... I DID !!


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