Van Kahvaltı - Nothing But the Best... *Delayed Poetry Alert*

Is anyone else suspicious of the phrase "I wish nothing but the best for you" - like there's something the speaker is repressing, denying himself the right to feel something that conflicts with what he wishes to convey?  - @debsvalidation
...but is inferred, isn't it? But I can't deal with you. But I have to choose my own path. But I...  It's valid, but know that something else is there. There are things unsaid that are as important, if not more, than the best you are wishing. You're setting someone sail, but this is really about you.

Best isn't a real thing; it's a glittering, undefinable, ideal. There are piles of n yet unnamed, and you can't claim to know where they will be categorised and whether you should be wishing them.  Time and space are not clearly identified; choose a word with more useful connotation, like  room Give all of you room, and leave the boundaries fuzzy.

Give your disappointment room to unfold - it's valid and takes up the space where your joy needs to also unfold. Your ugly side is also you. It's born of life experience, and life is not always pretty. The great tragedies are not restricted to books and movies; they're not mere plots. You don't need to assure yourself that you're still a good person - you are. You don't have to share the uncomfortable thoughts with the situation you're setting free from. But know they are there.

Accept all the layers of you.  It's too soon to collect a link to the clip of the 13th Doctor where she says "Honor your past," but do that.

 Nothing 2

I wish you nothing but the best
Just that

not encroachment
not abandonment
not an endless barrage of words

not clinging to the familiar
not toxicity


best is insufficient
or is it 
which falls
short of sentiment?

what's lost in formality 
gets buried


I wish you room
your own fortitude

I wish you
legs strong enough
to hold you

you let go

of the wall.


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