Refrigerator Magnets: A Team-Building Exercise

My friend Meg played the catalyst this time. She bought me a Zombie Magnetic Poetry Kit and informed me I was to take it to work.

"You have a kitchen at your job; I don't," she said. "So this is for your work-kitchen." Roger that.

I scooped up a few words, sidled into the break-room and stuck them on the refrigerator door, trying to guess how many minutes I'd be blamed. Even if someone else had done it, my reputation would precede me. By the time I got back to my desk, I was envisioning HR's gentle admonishments in my head, so I went back and pulled all the death, corpses, and creepiness.

Not an hour later, I found a new message:
find out how unstoppable you can be

...and then I realised someone had gone and found the word be in a different set of magnetic poetry, and in fact had severed it from a longer word, in order to complete her message.

I say her, because I knew it had to be Roxanne Jackson, who happens to be a wise person and Certified Professional Life Coach.  It's a damn fine message typical of her.

At lunch today, I witnessed poetry being made.  The part I liked best was that the poets gave visual consideration to the laying-out of their messages.  They spent a good few minutes carefully placing that letter y.

Roxanne's still irritated that be is a different size from the rest of the words, so I'm bringing more magnets tomorrow.  Let's see what more unfolds, yeah?

"You should blog about this, Debora," said Tiffanie.  Yes, Tiffanie, I should, and I will, and here it is.  BRB took the picture and texted it to me. This is team-building. Thank you, team.

Just for kicks, here I'll share my home-poetry-magnet collection, or at least the part that's on the refrigerator. Most of them are still in a jar somewhere in my tiny cottage.

I got the Edgar Allan Poe-try Magnet set a few years ago, also from Meg.That Palo Duro Canyon magnet is supposed to be a gift for Meg. Masreth (who was with me at Palo Duro Canyon) brought me the Queen of Fucking Everything magnet from London. Upper-left magnet is from Karaköy Güllüoğlu in Istanbul, and Meg was with me there. Magnet-circles.

I just decided to mix together Poe-words and Zombie-words, and ninja-magnet around town.  I'll try to remember to take pictures for you.

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If you are interested in Roxanne's Life Coaching services, contact her on Facebook at this link or email her at this link.


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