Update on Things: Deconstructed Corvid 1 - Fibonacci

Due to...logistics? Technique? My innate laziness?...there does not exist an original of this drawing.  To have it on my wall I had to order it from myself via Zazzle. So this is the first and therefore most valuable copy of Fibonacci Raven. I will try to explain. I started this project on blue grid-lined paper (you know, the one that doesn't really render the lines invisible like they said it would.)

In a fit of inspired doodling, I started inking the original sketch.  And then I kept going.  Before I knew it, I had an almost fully-inked drawing on the wrong paper. I decided to try scanning it anyway.  To be honest, I like the gridlines.  They feel architectural, or something.

Also, I'm messy.  There was a blob of purple paint on the page, as well as several wrinkles.  And I'm lazy and didn't want to re-ink what already looked pretty damned good.  I did some judicious scissoring; it took a few scans and cuts to excise the blue lines I didn't want to show up on the final design.  I uploaded to Zazzle and arranged my oddly-shaped design until it was laid out the way I wanted it.  

Zazzle kindly removed all the blue lines when they created the print.  I'm not mad.  They did not center it on their standard paper size, though.  We'll have a talk about that.

I'm off to Goodwill to find us a frame.

If you'd like a signed copy, let me know and I will invoice you for the print+shipping+shipping-from-my house-to-yours after it's signed.

And please realise I am mail-challenged. This could take a while. Really it's better to forego the signature and ship it to yourself.  Eventually I'll show up at your house and sign your print. I'll even back-date it if you like, depending how long it takes me to show up.


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