I missed my own Anniversary

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Well, this is awkard.  I was mentally prepped to be excited about living here at Tiny Cottage for two years, and then it happened.  Rolled right by.  Last week.  

Here's the win, though:  it didn't register.  That's how comfortable I am in life right now.

Remember that first time you forgot it was payday because you weren't desperately hanging on until it arrived? No, seriously, I've done that.  Not quite there at the moment, but I remember.  That's how I feel right now.

Very Adulty. 

In a way, I did celebrate.  I cooked a lot of things, including a stellar rhubarb-pear pie with smoked almonds, and my signature dish: Shepherd's Bhai.  This is the traditional shepherd's pie with an Indopak twist to it - the meat is seasoned with Shan's spice pack, and the potatoes are mashed with butter, garlic/ginger paste, turmeric and yogurt.  I layer mint, cilantro, and this time tomatoes between the queema and the potato topping like a biryani.  Bhai means brother in Urdu, but I use that word only because it rhymes with pie.

And then I ate ice cream for dinner, because I can't be bothered to eat what I've spent all day cooking.  It's boring now. 

You should celebrate, too - what thing are you doing so flawlessly that you should congratulate yourself for not thinking about it? 


  1. This is such a lovely thing to experience. How very cool.

    Also, that shepherd's pie sounds delish. Bet I could give it a vegetarian twist! I used to love shepherd's pie back in the day.


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