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I have That One Friend. The one nobody understands why you're friends with and sometimes you don't either.  I lie - I collect these people. If you are even reading this blog you are probably one of them (hi there.)  If I could get all of us into one party at the same time, the National Guard should be deployed to protect society from us and vice versa. 

This That One Friend goes rounds with me on the topic of Religion vs. Science, my favorite thing.  It seems to be a tangent of the "You seem like a reasonable person, Y THO..." conversation, which often precedes people shaking my hand and walking away forever.  But thanks to the question resurfacing, I'm coming closer to finding words to explain my viewpoint (which hasn't wavered) and also why that one has been collected.

I've determined that my argument is a matter of semantics.  Our current human vocabulary is insufficient to describe what our senses have identified..."sense" is one of those insufficient words. G-d one of those words. I spell it like that because it's etymologically interesting, and also out of deference to G-d, in case G-d cares, which I don't think G-d does.So I use the insufficient words because they are what I have to work with, and this sometimes leads to confusion.

Here is my religion, my Shehada:  there is only one truth, and those who seek it will ultimately end up in the same place. Everything else is for humans to fight over on earth. It doesn't matter.

Non-human societies seem far more pragmatic about their organizational templates than humans do - survival of the fittest and all that.  Even in science we are quick to organise someone else's life and unable to apply our own wisdom to ourselves.  The narrative of humanity requires that we write an epic role for us and spin the truth around that.

Reincarnation is another fuzzy theory which I think is derailed in semantics.  There's a something which exists because I can feel it with one or more of my senses, and the proof that others identify it lies in thousands of years of tradition and literature. If you're still with me here, you know what I'm talking about.  I keep it vague because the words are not correct. From early ancient human society (because I cannot speak for the crows and stuff) we've tried to utilise ritual to function in the place of the insufficient words by way of explanation.  Science breaks down identifiable physical components into smaller and smaller bits, and invents new instruments that can identify things not yet seen with our eyes. Spiritualists ride waves and experience reincarnation. All aiming at the same place. 

So here we go:  Part the One is the question of G-d vs. Reincarnation. If there is G-d, then why would G-d recycle?  This is gonna have to wait for a different post because I swear to you I'm coming to a point in my own mind, but it's important to know the question.   Part the Two is to question why humans have been operating with some variation of Saṃsāra for thousands of years, trying to not only identify but utilise what they feel to be a physical law as yet unmapped. This is the crux of faith:  be able to believe it is existing and get on with your life. Faith is a process, not a thing to be measured.

Finally we're here, at my collection of friends and the title of this post: Assume that there is reincarnation (the baggage of semantics notwithstanding) and that sometimes humans are aware of it.  I have met people I strongly felt I knew from some other dimension - visited one for dinner last night, in fact.You probably have, too.

But That One Friend, assuming that something like Reincarnation is real, is possibly on his first rotation. Interesting. Between the mystical whatever and the truth of linear time I feel like we seasoned veterans are responsible to guide properly, as much as is possible given that most of what I am talking about is not considered real.  But we feel it, yeah? 

The fact that he asks the question is my evidence. The fact that he sees the question and asks it of himself.

And all this is why I may go to an Old Fashioned Sceance tonight. Also because I like to judge people and I need to get over that.


  1. Good article. I grok and thus feel for you. Not to say I have the answers... no, no. Just to say I understand the predicament of not knowing the exact way to best express that which you know as truth within your heart. Keep searching, meditate, and the all the answers will come eventually. My personal "That One Friend" once wisely told me "You are exactly where you need to be. And the next step is going to happen exactly when it needs to happen."

    1. Thank you, akronos (absence of time?). It is nice to be understood.


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