Truth vs. Publication (or Science is the New Clickbait)

If you care about Truth, read this article:

There are catchphrases out there in webland, circling the lamp like ugly moths:  Dumbing-down of America, Alt-Left, Alt-Right, others I largely ignore, but also Scientists Prove Something You Wanted to Believe. Clickbait.
“But the results are the results,” I exclaimed. “Shouldn’t we just let the data tell the story?” He shook his head. “That’s not how science works, Chris. Data don’t tell stories, scientists tell stories.” - Chris Chambers, The 7 Deadly Sins of Psychology

The article linked will explain why that is, and show you the foundation behind the dumbing-down of sensationalist scientific articles so that they will fit on your Facebook page and smartphone.  The article has all the too-many-words that don't fit in comfortable spaces, but they are available. If you care about truth, read them all. Thank you, Chris Chambers.

Truth is constant, and the means to discover it remains the same:  do your research, diligently. Do not spout off what you read on your screen during your commute until you dig deeper.