Your Uniform vs. Nobody Should Put Deb In Charge

Your uniform is what you change into when  you get home from work, or your go-to when life insists  you have to put on pants. That favorite outfit you wear to meet new people is not your uniform - that's a presentation, like flip-charts and stuff. Your uniform doesn't care what lighting will be at the venue.

You adopted your uniform through trial, error, and input from all your senses. It's a protocol you set for yourself; it delineates your persona and also gives you a comfortable space. This skeleton shirt and my gray painting jeans are my uniform. It's too soon to tell, but I think my cowboy boots are turning into uniform as well.

Take a minute to think about what your uniform tells you about yourself.

It was decided I should run this week's Mosaic Writers meetup. This only looks like a big deal on paper; I've run meetings before and this one's pretty self-serving. My biggest duty will be to make sure nobody talks for too long. Thierry used to set a timer for 3 minutes, but we're all pretty well-trained by now.

I find the situation hilarious because I am solidly on Team I Don't Want To Be Moe. My ideal job is Number One, or Diva, or better yet Catalyst. I advocate for heterarchy, and really our writers' group qualifies as that. We are brutally supportive upon each other, holding pretty high bars for critique and writing (I just clichéd on purpose.) We're equally capable of taking the Moe position if needs must.

Barney and I are interim keepers of the Modus Operandi (ha - MO.) He sent me an email asking whether I want to run the meeting. I inferred that Barney does not.

Me: Sure, I'll be Moe. I'll bring a timer.

Barney told me to put on my Moe Hat and bring a timer; he'll see me Monday. I have to figure out which hat is Moe.

So here is a presentation opportunity, but I'll be wearing my Uniform skeleton shirt - you've seen it. These folks know me; I could show up in pajamas and still run the meeting. Like cats, I'll be herding writers. OH. Now I see.

I will present in my authentic Tex-Mex cowboy Moe-hat, for riding herd. Yeah?

My Clint-squint
Note to Group: we need more submissions, people. We have the next 2 weeks covered but it's a desert after that. 

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Jason Horejs is a dedicated art gallery owner who enjoys sharing his accumulated knowledge. There's good stuff in this blog - I recommend subscribing. 

Aretha Franklin 

Good rest to you, sweetie-love, and thank you for everything. 

*** props to Heather for this concept of Uniform - everybody already had one, but it's one of the many things I learned to see in your periphery ***


  1. Pay attention to the skeleton in the black hat. :-)

  2. I have a pair of black, stretch shorts that have lace on the bottom that I refused to wear out at first, based on their resemblance to panty girdles that i wore in the seventies. These are different times. This, either of my $3.99 vee-necked light cotton plain tee shirts and a visor are formal dress for California. And tennis shoes, black Reeboks. This isn't Florida or it would be flip-flops. Off to the library I go!

  3. Good post. I am facing many of these issues as well..


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